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“None of us know what we all know, together.”
Euripídês Euripides

Co-creation as a service


Engage all of your natural audiences :
customers, employees, users, constituents, consumers, residents, affiliates, fans…

Ready to use

Design your project on your own in a few clicks


Let your offer grow according to your needs


Encourage your audience to participate by offering a fun space (badges, points, prizes)


Make it interact with your project management, communication, authentication, and CRM tools


Count on a reliable tool, compliant with regulations (including GDPR), and secured according to the best standards

Quaeso adapts to all
profiles and use cases

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Co-creation & innovation

76% of new products or services fail in the first year. 76% of consumers recognize that brands do innovate but feel that innovations do not serve...

Continuous improvement Companies


At Quaeso we love hiking, and when it comes to hiking it is also important to know where you are and where you are going. The same is true in your...

Continuous improvement Companies

Collection of client ambassadors' recommendations

The brands are trying to federate faithful users' communities, where each member can become an ambassador. This implies an attachment to the brand...

Continuous improvement Companies

Functional evolutions

The developer of a software solution (and we know what we are talking about) is faced with two choices when launching a new feature. Do it alo...

Continuous improvement Companies

Dysfunctions and bug-tracking

No matter how many simulated or in-vivo tests we do, how many user panels experiment with the first versions of a product or software, the risk t...

Continuous improvement Companies Administrations Associations

Service and product innovation

In a dynamic world, the one that remains static, moves backwards. Innovation is not a frill; it is an absolute priority. In this area, and because...

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