Fashion and apparel

Fashion and apparel

Many years ago, sociology observed the advent of "tribes" understood as small homogeneous groups sharing very precise affinities in connection with the "sentimental sharing of values or ideals".

What are brand communities, especially in the fashion or apparel industry, if not these tribes sharing a sense of belonging?

"At who's house do you dress" is the question we ask ourselves. Not where. Not how. At who's house!

Fashion brands that will take the lead in federating their community through co-creation will offer this sentimental place to share values and ideals!

They will stand out and convert their targets into customers and then influencers.

Co-creation provides this experience. It brings together around a brand a group of individuals, customers, prospects, curious people who form a community around a project they want to embody.

Co-creation makes it possible to distinguish the best contributors who become testers, ambassadors, and influencers.

Co-creation gives your community that very special bond, that sense of family that engages it the next time they make a purchase and say "at who's house" they dress !

When do we start?