Agri-food products

Agri-food products

"We are what we eat". All our grandmothers told us that.

If there is a connection between what you eat and who you are, then there is a connection among people who are looking for more than just calories when they sit at the dinner table.

These people constitute informal communities sharing tastes and values!

The agro-food brands that will provide customers or curious people with a space for exchange around their products will benefit from the energy of a whole community.

If this is true for all brands, it is particularly true for ethics brands whose close value relationship with their community facilitates collaborative work.

What can be improved? How? For whom? Why? These are all contributions that community members make through co-creation.

Co-creation creates the space for interaction, centered around your brand, between members who share the ideal of "eating better".

Co-creation builds customer loyalty and inspires the curious.

Co-creation provides legitimacy to your launches that all members take ownership of by becoming influencers.

When do we start?