Outdoor equipment

Outdoor equipment

Sports communities are among the most organized.

The pleasure of sharing one's passion in specialized trade shows, on the sidelines of races, in the starting locks, on the roads and trails is unambiguous.

Dedicated community apps have emerged to formalize these communities: "If it's not on strava it didn't happen" they say... (And this is not the only one)

The community of exercisers is at the heart of the outdoor universe.

The equipment manufacturers and brands that will organize a friendly meeting space about their products, in order to involve their community in line improvements or line extensions will win the game!

Imagine 100, 1,000, 10,000, 100,000 curious or customers, visiting or settled in the community, engaging with their favorite outdoor brands to design with them the best products, meeting their compelling needs.

These same individuals will be willing to outfit themselves and prescribe the gear they co-create, for which they will almost feel a responsibility!

Co-creation explores the needs of your community in real time.

Co-creation highlights your community members whose relevance and intensity of participation leads to even more intimate involvement: testers, ambassadors, and influencers.

Co-creation is the foundation of your community's commitment to unite all its members around a common goal: to be part of the story.

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