Software & Applications

Software & Applications

An infinite opportunity for a software company is that it has an easy way to reach out to all its users or customers almost instantly.

How can one capitalize on this closeness? By involving them intimately in the product design. By turning them into members of a community of practice.

Developers (and we know what we're talking about) are faced with two choices when launching a new feature.

  • Do it alone, from more or less educated intuitions.
  • Work on request, by studying the wishes of its users.

As far as we are concerned, we take the second option, and we prove it: leave us your requests here .

For the editor, this guarantees that his energy is focused on the hardest points of his community, where its attention is focused.

For the user, it is the promise of becoming a member of a community by taking part in the evolution of the product and its improvement.

User feedback engages the community member who takes part in the conversation, sees other members taking up an idea to improve it, and is rewarded by the editor for the quality and intensity of his contribution.

Co-creation helps build loyalty among your users, bringing them on board and converting them into influencers.

Co-creation helps you react quickly to resolve dysfunctions or bugs, take the pulse of your community, and communicate your roadmap.

Co-creation becomes the backbone of your user community.

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